Rita Murjani


Yoga | Mindfulness | Breath


Rita is a former investment banker turned yoga and meditation teacher. She’s inspired by Katonah Yoga®, her Indian heritage, and embodied presence in her own life. Rita's approach is potent and pragmatic -- often weaving neuroscience and the innate intelligence of our human anatomy into the structure of classes. She aims to provide her students with tools to cultivate personal practices and for deeper self exploration.

Rita spent 5 years working at Citigroup in structured finance before shifting to the wellness industry full time. She is the head of meditation content + strategy at Aduri where they're building the world's first connected, multi-sensory meditation cushion for deep, immersive meditation. She teaches yoga at Equinox and SkyTing, guides meditation sessions for corporates throughout NYC, and hosts retreats around the world.

Rita has worked with notable design firms, hedge funds, start-ups, tech companies, and wellness cooperatives among others.

Even practice takes practise...

Through repetitive embodiment of forms, we have the capacity to gain tremendous insight. Through the development of technique, we have the personal power to create joy.


Practice, repetition, and revolution, provide the potential for revelation. 




Inform and Transform



Words inspired by my many teachers at Katonah Yoga®

All hours with Rita are bankable toward Katonah Yoga® Certification