Rita Murjani


My Story

Rita came to the practice of yoga while in college; as an academic overachiever, yoga provided her the inner space for mental reprieve. She is classically trained in ballet and found that yoga was another way to stay connected to her body through fluid movement. Rita’s love of the practice grew when she moved to NYC in 2014 and began an intense career in investment banking. Under the guidance of her wonderful teachers, coming to the mat was a path to find stillness and ensure self-care. Eventually, Rita found that yoga gave her an invitation to access a deeper connection with herself, and ultimately with others and the world around her.

Rita's teaching style is alignment and breath focused, drawing strongly from the Katonah Yoga lineage as well as her Indian heritage. She strives to create a warm, open environment to provide students with the tools they need to foster accessibility to an authentic space within themselves. Classes are challenging yet accessible, thoughtfully crafted yet playful. It brings her sheer delight to indulge you in the symphonic movement of body, breath, and mind!

Rita lives and plays in NYC, though she can often be found making quick trips to explore the earth. You can find Rita in the studio at Equinox and SkyTing Yoga.

She is also the head of meditation content + strategy at Aduri, where we’re building the world’s first smart, multi-sensory meditation cushion.




I absolutely love Rita's class. I have been practicing for 20 years and I have been a teacher for 14 years. Rita's classes are well thought out and build in intensity and complexity as you move through the sequences. Rita speaks about the deeper layers of yoga in a relatable way, without being preachy. It is clear that she truly embodies yoga from within, making her a natural teacher. You really feel that she is there to guide and support her students. She also has a wonderful voice and teaches in a lighthearted manner that often makes people laugh. I would highly recommend her class to anyone.

- Leah, Nike Global Yoga Ambassador, NYC

Rita’s classes vary from restorative to energetic, are often light-hearted, and include some of the most unique and graceful yoga flows I’ve ever done. She connects easily with her students of all levels, is dedicated to her growth as a teacher and student of yoga, and often ends classes with a touch of aromatherapy, which is always a treat!! Rita ’s alignments and adjustments have helped me improve my yoga practice and posture, and I'm grateful for this :) I always leave Rita’s classes feeling more in tune with my own physical and emotional state, challenged but a little bit lighter. <3

- Lindsay, NYC

Rita is one of the most caring teachers I've ever had the pleasure of practicing with. There's a certain readiness to her presence, an attentiveness that imbues every moment near her with meaning. Her poise is far beyond her years and emanates an ease that's as disarming as it is encouraging. Her attitude is one that immediately confirms you for showing up to class and leaves you excited to return. Truly a rare gift to the yoga community!

- Bryan, NYC

The perfect assists, the gradual intensity of class, the seamless transitions between poses. Rita's classes are well balanced and thoughtful. After class my body feels lighter, balanced, and aware.

- Angely, NYC

I first discovered Rita’s class at Sky Ting and fell in love right alway. It was such an awesome experience! You could tell that she really puts a lot of thought into the structure of the class in order to give her students the best experience. I love the fact that no matter how big the class is, she always tries her best to pay attention to everyone. She creates interesting flows that are so well-connected and she always weaves a theme into her class - something spiritual to carry along in a busy NYC life. I always come out of her class feeling energized and grounded (and of course learned something new). I also had the pleasure to connect with her outside of the classroom and was inspired by her greatly! I can’t say enough good things about Rita! And her adjustments are just HEAVENLY!

- Antonia, NYC