Rita Murjani


Rita came to the practice of yoga while in college; as an academic overachiever, yoga provided her the inner space for mental reprieve. She is classically trained in ballet and found that yoga was another way to stay connected to her body through fluid movement. Rita’s love of the practice grew when she moved to NYC in 2014 and began an intense career in investment banking. Under the guidance of her wonderful teachers, coming to the mat was a path to find stillness and ensure self-care. Eventually, Rita found that yoga gave her an invitation to access a deeper connection with herself, and ultimately with others and the world around her.

Rita's teaching style is alignment and breath focused, drawing strongly from the Katonah Yoga lineage as well as her Indian heritage. She strives to create a warm, open environment to provide students with the tools they need to foster accessibility to an authentic space within themselves. Classes are challenging yet accessible, thoughtfully crafted yet playful. It brings her sheer delight to indulge you in the symphonic movement of body, breath, and mind!

Rita lives and plays in NYC, though she can often be found making quick trips to explore the earth. You can find Rita in the studio at Equinox and SkyTing Yoga.

She is also the head of meditation content + strategy at Aduri, where we’re building the world’s first smart, multi-sensory meditation cushion.