Private Practice

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Yoga allows us the opportunity to listen to the symphony of mind, breath, and body as one. Tune your instruments and your ear through personalized instruction.  

Private one-on-one sessions provide clarity, insight, and refinement within the yoga practice and a personal connection with a teacher. Some find the asana practice becomes a gateway for deeper personal and spiritual exploration, while others enjoy focusing on the refinement of the physical forms. Whatever your intention may be, I will customize the yoga experience to meet your unique needs.


Sessions are ideal for those looking to:

  • Obtain a deeper level of guidance

  • Practice within the time constraints of a demanding schedule

  • Ease into group classes, especially for beginners

  • Receive personal focus that group classes don't provide

  • Expand knowledge of specific aspects of the practice

  • Refine alignment

  • Incorporate a therapeutic approach to recovery from injury


Please send any and all questions to or click here.